Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Battle for New York City

The zombie GOP continue their parisitic week of feeding upon our city... SUCK SUCK SUCK...!

Nick-o uploaded his entire photo series from Sunday's protest. Progress through it and watch the destruction...! (I used to work in a building at Penn Station/Madison Square Garden...!)

Here's something sublimely stoopid i stumbled on that seems emblematic of the blind devotion many of these pod-people have for their beloved fucking party. EAT KETCHUP, ASSHOLES!

Here's actor Ron Silver saying some idiotic things at the idiot carnival.

Jesus, you could have a field day with all the bullshit that's being pumped out of this convention. I think it's sickening that the biggest thing this party is trumpeting is TERRORISM and 9/11. One big brained delegate said that the Republican party is the party that "handles terrorism best". WHERE IN THE FUCK DOES THIS COME FROM!??!

America is the self-proclaimed sheriff of the planet. And it's doing a bang-up fucking job.


Monday, August 30, 2004

Protest Week

So, protest week in NYC has commenced, aka the Republican National Convention, and it feels like alien invaders have taken over the city. I guess a lot of people fled the island at the news of our visitors and there is an unsettling quiet throughout.

Planting the RNC here is sort of revolting. I hate to imagine what 9/11 themed exploitation they've got cooked up for this week. I only hope the volume of protesting is adequately covered in the media.

Be sure to keep checking VIEW FROM BAXTER daily to see more images from Sunday's march. Nick-o is rationing the images out to the world (like a fucking miser) so that he'll have "updates" through the end of the year, I'm sure. He hinted to me that things got ugly toward the end, but we'll have to keep checking his page to see whether or not he's just betrayed my unfettered faith in his word.


I'm pages away from finishing the first draft of my shitty new screenplay! Wahoo!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Vote Out Bush

Continuing my methods of procrastination this weekend, I've got yet another animated gif up top, in honor of the dreaded RNC that is descending upon our tumultuous city this week.

Unlike some of my more active droogs who are on the streets protesting today, I'm protesting in my own special passive manner. (Hey, I've gotta deal with the crowds all week.)

How can you help? Trade sex for votes at Fuck the Vote. Or, you know, just vote for Kerry in November.

If Bush gets reelected in November, I'm going to hide under a rock for the next 4 years. (In other words, I'll just keep doing what I've been doing.)

Friday, August 27, 2004


check out the new header i wasted a chunk of an afternoon on! extra points to anyone who recognizes the source...

i got wasted on 4 beers last night. i'm lame.

oh, so much to do this weekend... please drive safely...

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Malice is Whiney

Why is Malice complaining? He just came back from his first vacation in about 25 years, he's upgraded his home computer so that it has a total of 271 gigs of hard drive space and 768 megs of RAM, he just signed up to pay a SHITLOAD of money at the (ultra-fancy) New York Sports Club for the next year and he's finishing up a measley 2-day work week today. What's he complaining about NOW?


I think I need to start listening to those commercials they run at 2 in the afternoon and consolidate my debt. It's insane how money runs your life. If you didn't have to worry about bills, about rent, about the awful day-job, about all the other expenses that pile up in a week or a month... MONEY isn't the problem. LACK OF MONEY is the problem. It drives people to steal and kill. It drives people to put aside their personal beliefs and work for a company that contributes money to the devil...

Uh oh... here comes the grumpy old man...

I'm just talking here. May I be candid? Might I be candid on my own fucking blog?!

Please -- don't hurt me...!

Calm down, I'm not going to hurt you, Voice In My Head. I'm just in a funk...

Took a tour of New York Sports Club yesterday. (The one in Grand Central.) It was the coolest gym I've ever seen. (I'm so accustomed to going to the cheap ghetto gyms.) You pay for it, but it's beautiful. I figure there are a bunch of locations to choose from and I could go during my lunch hour so that my work days aren't COMPLETELY non-productive. I hate crowds and one of the toughest things since graduating from college has been trying to fit the "gym" into a daily work routine. And I hate talking about it, and so I guess I shouldn't be blogging about it (but if I bury it all in this really long paragraph, maybe people won't read it). The reason I don't tell people that I've joined a new gym is because I feel you set up expectations. Someone might be inclined to charitably offer, "Oh really? I can tell! You look much better..." (Which would be to imply you'd been looking like a fucking train wreck before.) Or people might expect you to look like a fucking Olympian in a few months, and look at you with disappointment when you look like the same old schlumpy schnook. So if you know me and you see me, do me a favor and don't say a fucking thing, either way. Judge me quietly, if you must.

Got it. Treat it like you didn't even blog it, Mr. Sensitive...

Don't be patronizing, Voice...! I'll cut you.

Oooh! I'm really scared!

[insert sound of electric shock]

... *ngh*...

That's better... what else can I whine about...?

I'm debating joining this group... this writers' group... this Asian American writers' group...

My biggest concern is... my previous experience with an Asian American Performance Group that didn't end too well... if history proves anything, it's that I'm bad with people...

And I've still got to finish this goddamn screenplay I've been working on forever. What's the status?

(a) It's shitty
(b) It's too long
(c) It's unfinished

If I can just remedy "c", I could work on "a" and "b".

We'll see what I can do with this weekend...

Say a prayer for Malice.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

San Francisco Confidential

click here for all the information...

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Where Are You?


Perhaps as a result of the last post's "call to comment", perhaps because of some phantom campaigning, some word of mouth -- who knows why, but there may be some new people who stumble on this page and might wonder

Where am I?

What is this purpose of all of this?

What is this strange combination of euphoria, confusion and motion sickness that's overcoming me as I browse this page...?

I could direct you to some key posts from the archive to help get you up to speed, or you could browse the archives yourself and come up with your own conclusions, but why go through all that trouble and heartache?

Is this just a blog?
Sure, it's just a blog. Just like America's just a country. Just like Bush is just a bad president.

Well, is this a revolution?
Funny you should ask that. Yes. A call to arms. A war against complacency. Are you happy with the world around you? Is there nothing you lack? Is there nothing you desire...?

OK, well, what are the goals of this "revolution"?
The vaguer I keep it, the better.

Look, man, I just want some place I can look at every so often, hang out, chill... laugh a little... cry a little... think a little...
Let me check... yep, we've got all that... AND A BAG OF CHIPS! BOOYA-CASHA!!!

So really... it's just a blog, isn't it?
You make it sound like a bad thing...


I've got some terrific pix I'll share when I get back to the dreary world...

I love all of you equally... but I love some of you more equally than others...

Friday, August 20, 2004

merciful lord

i am sickeningly tired. we've got to stay up all night to catch our flight out at 7am. our car to the airport arrives at 4am. i was going to take a nap today but i stayed up to receive a FedEx package that never arrived. this means war.

high street's back. back again. high street's back. tell a friend.

[insert expletive-laden reiteration of how bleeding exhausted i am right now.]

it's going to be fun. it'll be nice to go somewhere where we're not obligated to really see anyone. i'm so bad with people. (i mean, have you been reading this blog?)

fun fact: i bought high street's plane ticket for him (he gave me cash) because he's got no credit. i ordered him the "bland" meal on the plane. isn't that funny? aren't i the king of wit? aren't i the emperor of ice cream??


help me help you.

help me help you help me help you... help me.

i am a ghost of the future.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Let Me Take You Down

Appy-polly-gees for the late update. Took the day off, spent it in a profoundly nonproductive manner. Our flight leaves at 7am so we're just gonna stay up all night.

Darth High Street arrives back on our shore this evening, we'll probably drop by the local public house and buy him a pint of ale.

I was supposed to receive a package from FedEx today that never arrived. What a cumbersome delivery system. The only way it's useful is if you're home all day or if you've got a bloody doorman.

I'm really not sure what to expect for our holiday. It's the first trip we've taken since August 2001 and I've been clamoring for it forever -- not to go to this specific place but to take a vacation -- but I have no real expectations. Perhaps that's better. Perhaps I should even get my expectations really low, so that I'll have nothing but a better time than I expected...

Taking my digital camera so perhaps I'll put something together for you strangers to look at when we gets back...

Maybe I'll get some writing done on the plane...

Go watch GOODFELLAS. The new Special Edition DVD is out and the movie is a fucking masterpiece. Really one of the greatest movies ever made. On my list, it's probably THE greatest.

Was gonna go on a rant about Don Murphy, the producer of the upcoming TRANSFORMERS movie, but perhaps I'll burn that bridge at another time...

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Minutiae & Flux

C's BLOG is back up and running -- enjoy a new post!

Meanwhile, back at Malice's office building, media-fueled hysteria has provoked security to install "suspicous package" x-ray machines in the lobby, not unlike those at an airport. It's been there for a few weeks and I thought it was just for visitors, but this morning they made everybody with a bag go through it.


Why do They never cease to create new ways to make my method of eeking out a living increasingly cumbersome? A 45 second delay at the door when you're a heartbeat from clocking in late...

[UPDATE: I just found out that they're only making *temps* go through extra scrutiny... I've only been working here for almost 4 years... GET ME OUT OF HERE.]

Perhaps i've revealed too much about the ASSness of my daily grind...

Thank jebus this is the last day before our mini-holiday.........

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

the day that never happened

had a strange dream that i completely missed work today. just accidentally forgot to go to work.

then i woke up and had to go to work.

conclusion: my brain hates me.

two more days. one day and 5 more hours. then i can kiss this deathtrap job goodbye for a few days.

Monday, August 16, 2004

blood thirst

made some progress on my supersecret script. got through a scene that's been giving me trouble. the script's way too long right now but i've got to try to not think about that as i hammer out this first draft. christ, i'm slow.

it's a horror film and i've finally gotten to the blood-and-guts part. more violence! yay! part of the challenge is finding new ways to say "blood splatters". some variations:




















counting the hours to the end of this blasted week...

Friday, August 13, 2004

this one's for the shorties

since malice doesn't work on fridays, he doesn't update as much. and he refers to himself in the third person. (coz he works as a professional wrestler on the weekends.)

there's a rant i was going to go on, because rants are good for blogs, but maybe i'll save it for another hour when i'm feeling more ornery.

i really need to try to get some writing done this weekend. block out the sun and board up the doors. it doesn't matter how "talented" i might be -- if i don't finish anything, i'll wallow in my crapulence for eternity... which is not a terrible idea in and of itself...

Thursday, August 12, 2004

cheaper by the dozen

we're just rackin' up the chill'un...!


i thought i had blogged about this last year, but apparently i hadn't.

you've probably seen their internet banners all over the place.


they're a total scam house. no matter how attractive the prices may appear, no matter how "legitimate" the website appears, don't get suckered (like i did, without doing some cursory homework).

i won't go into my story but there are a lot of stories just like mine that are readily available with any GOOGLE search. however, this article does a good job of exposing Broadway Photo and other operations like it.

avoid at all costs.

Old School

[Photo Withheld]

emptied the hard drive from my old computer last night, unearthed a few photos of myself from college... there's a fine line between looking like a rock star and looking like an anorexic gay man... i should have carried a guitar around with me... no wonder i didn't have a girlfriend... still, i used to be a fine piece of ass...

how did i make it through this work week? i deserve a purple heart...

need to write...

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


I hereby propose we eliminate all days of the week except for Friday and Saturday. These days will be made much longer to fill up the gap.

Slow day at the farm today. Would have meant more blogging/writing, but I got caught up chatting with the coworkers...

Sometimes, I can "fake" being nice too well. You fool someone too well, they think you're a friend and then it's a whole new level of faking you've gotta do. (Not to say I fake it with my "real" friends... heheh...) I got stuck chatting with this annoying girl at the office (who no one likes) and I actually ended up asking her about her cats.

Don't get me wrong, I *like* cats. But as for a conversation topic at the office, I think I'd rather talk about skin disorders.

She actually asked me if I wanted to participate in some skills-sharing workshop deal. (Everyone teaches everyone else some skill.) She's trying to put it together for sometime in October. How will Malice get out of this one, true believers...?

Stay tuned, motherfuckers...

Filipino Food

I can't wait to take C. to the Philippines to visit my relatives.

Good thing she's a vegetarian.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Let it Bleed

"Predator" looks like a big, nasty bug, dudn't he...?

I just picked up the new collector's edition DVD. Wheee!

The new collector's edition of "GOODFELLAS" comes out next week or so -- what a pleasant surprise! (I got rid of my original "flipper" disc eons ago, in anticipation of this proper edition...)

Oh my god, I can't believe I've got over 2 hours to go here at Camp Crappy. It has been a heinous day of busy...

I ordered a package that FedEx attempted to deliver yesterday, but since neither of us is home during the day, they just left one of those "attempted delivery" notes. If I can't get them to leave it while I'm not there, I may have to travel deep into the boondocks of Brooklyn in order to pick it up from their "nearest" station. It sucks to be me.

The in-laws have left. Or rather, their plane should be taking off in a matter of minutes, so technically they're still in our jurisdiction. The last supper was... tense...

God, will this week never end...?

Monday, August 09, 2004

Doug Hong doesn't live here

Another Monday. A thousand Mondays. Do they ever end? One of the many gifts death would bring would be no more fucking Mondays...

All right, I'm not as cantankerous as I sound. The day has been quiet and uneventful thus far, which is always better than busy.

In-Law Week is closing shop. One last dinner this evening and we return to our regular programming. (Though C. may try to have brekkie with them before they leave tomorrow.) Actually got some writing done last night and I hope to have a completed first draft of my supersecret screenplay by week's end. (I'm sure the 5 of you who are reading this are urinating yourselves with excitement.)

I racked up over $20 in cell phone text messaging charges last month. Need to upgrade my plan... I'm a text messaging maniac...

Need to buy plane tickets to a top-secret vacation spot soon. It will be nice to get away (assuming it happens). There is a stench inherent in this city during the summer that is hard to get out of your clothes...

*** UPDATE ! ***

Just got off the phone with C. Apparently C's sister saw the parents last night and got into a big argument with The Mom. There's a possibility The Mom won't even show up for dinner(!), tho C. thinks she'll show just to see us. Regardless, should be a tense meal...

Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Mother of All Entries

Since you people managed to leave 30+ comments on my last entry (with some assistance from ME), I have decided to create a new entry for all of you to pore over with the great scrutiny it deserves.

Week with the in-laws has gone fairly smoothly. (Two adverbs one after another: is that against the laws of grammar?) They even visited the apartment yesterday, which we've been overhauling for the past two weeks expressly for their visit. The upside to that is that now the apartment's fixed up, we can finally start to "entertain" people proper like. It only took us about a year to complete...

[6mx, you'll have to fill out a parental permission slip to visit -- we've built a separate wing to house the Misanthropic Youth Brigade, and we're establishing sarcasm and apathy workshops.]

On the darker side, my grandmother passed away this week. My mother's mother. I didn't know her. It's strange because my family is really disconnected. I've got a lot of extended family here in the states, but I barely know most of them. I couldn't tell you how many siblings my mother and father have. I barely see my immediate family as it is. I met my grandmother once, when I was a little misanthropic muppet, but she didn't speak any English and it was more like me just standing there as she looked me over and rubbed my mop of hair. I spoke with my mom and even she says she's a little disconnected, though she concedes that she'll probably get emotional when she gets there. (She's flying back to the Philippines on Wednesday.)

My mother-in-law (I haven't actually called her or my father-in-law anything since I married their daughter, but I guess I should start calling them "mom" and "dad", even though that still sounds weird to me) called my mom to offer her condolences. It's weird because as disconnected as my family is, their family is fairly tightly knit. My family's like a dog that's gone feral and doesn't remember how to act in a house, and nervously pees on the rug and bites the baby in the stroller.

C. and I have a day off from the parentals today. Just one more dinner with them tomorrow night and we're on our own again. I should call my father today. He left a message last week but I've been busy and I'm just an awful, awful son. My mother used to joke that she found me in a garbage can in Japan.

I think it was Michael Jackson who said, "Before you judge me, try hard to *love* me -- Have you seen my childhood?"

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Phoenix Rising

Whoa! Don't look a gift-horse in the mouth, but I can update from work again. (For now.) Meaning I can cut down the comment-blitzing of other people's blogs! Everybody wins.

Now if I could only make long-distant calls from work...

The in-laws are in town. Dinner with them last night and probably for the better part of this week. It's going to be a crazy weekend. Have to make sure C. doesn't flip out too badly. *MY* mother (Malice has a mother?!) is coming to town this Sunday so the parents can interact and do battle.

We've been trying to fix the apartment up for the parents to visit, which has meant clearing things and discovering things. I found an old printed-out e-mail from a PERFORMANCE GROUP i used to be a part of: it dealt with the formation of separate committees within the group, to handle different things like Human Resources, Production, Workshops, etc. It read like a excerpt from ANIMAL FARM. (There are lot of annoying pop-ups on that site, sorry.)

[Metaphor analysis in George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM:]
Animalism: The vague yet often referred to concept of animalism is used by Orwell to signify the generic view of socialism. This view was first expounded by Karl Marx (old Major), who, in Orwell's opinion was naive in thinking that his philosophy would actually work. Orwell, although agreeing with the overall concept of equality though socialism, was critical of Marx because he didn't take into account the greed and jealousy which would eventually undermine the entire cause. This idea was shown through Napoleon and the other pigs, who, through persuasion and force became the dominant authority on the farm.

I need to find some time to write. I guess I could write now, instead of blogging like a motherfucker, but I feel like squandering precious time.

BUSH is dumbb as durt.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Misanthropy Club

I am Malice's complete lack of self-esteem.

Still no time to blog properly. This is a review of a movie I want to see.