Sunday, March 31, 2002

Dear Subscriber,

Sleepy Easter morn. I am counting the hours I have left on my mini vacation as if they were golden eggs.

Bought a couple of kazoos yesterday. Starting a band. A band too lazy to learn real instruments.

Went to Jivamukti for yoga for the first time yesterday. Russell Simmons was there, waiting to go into a more advanced class. Also, one of the actresses we auditioned was there -- probably going to the same class. C and I were going to the beginners' class, where teacher singled me out because I couldn't walk up the wall and defy laws of physics and anatomy. And they all laughed at me. Pointed and laughed as my visage crumpled in shame...

C is sleeping, so I am learning myself Premiere 6.0 and updating BLOG.

Roger An never updates the news on his page.

Friday, March 29, 2002

Dear Cruel World,

Judging by the (lack of) comments to yesterday's post, it seems like no one really cares that Dudley Moore bought the farm. Let's see if you're that apathetic when Steve Guttenberg kicks off...

Can you hear that? It's the sound of all of yesterday's stars weeping...

Auditioned 3 actresses earlier this eve. Really impressive shows. (Though that is a matter of debate with the 2 other people who assisted me.) It will be difficult to choose.

The director of student affairs at Tisch School of the Arts (at NYU) asked me to perform at another coffee house on April 19th. It is odd, being cast as a performer. I feel like I am a clumsy tourist (and I am). Though the masochist and misanthrope in me sort of enjoys it, in an bizarre and awful and tortuous way...

C insists I say yes, though.

Here's a web site dedicated to my Uncle Aaron. Ain't he cute?

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Dudley Moore has a posse.

Dearly Departed,

Late, Tuesday night. Joints sore. Rain pours, like salt, on the wounded.

Last minute revisions on my script, minutes before bed. Writing is like a nightmare. My "second" draft will actually be more like my fifth, though I've not let anyone else read drafts 2-4, so it only counts as my second...

Though I have now forwarded this url to a slew of people, I wonder who's actually still reading these entries. (Besides the obvious.)

Here's the porn-sex-nude-hardcore link of the day.

Visit the website of my band.

As if.

Friday, March 22, 2002

Dear True Believers,

Due to the overwhelming ground swell of "comment" support I've received from my previous post, I am pleased to announce that I'll be able to continue to post my random, unedited thoughts for the bored cross-section of friends that will bother to read them.

I rented "Baise-Moi" and "I Stand Alone" today, to see how twisted the French can be. [Also, to get some inspiration for the script that I've been beating around for weeks now.] Perhaps it's just that I'm so irreparably desensitized at this stage, but I honestly wasn't nearly as shocked as I expected (hoped) I'd be.

I guess it's a matter of expectations stacking up against the experience...

I expected "Baise-Moi" to be a lot shittier than it really was. Sure, it looks a bit shittier since it's shot on video, but in truth it looks a lot better than I expected it to. The cinematographer keeps the camera tight, which makes it more intimate but also compensates for the fact that wider shots look a lot shittier on the format. That being said, it is essentially a "Thelma & Louise" rip-off, with penetration shots and no character-development...

I was actually liking "I Stand Alone" a lot up to a point. It looks a hell of a lot better than "Baise-Moi", but it's still very low-budg, but what I respect most is its economy. A lot of the film is built on this on-going voice-over of the main character -- this middle-aged, ex-con, unemployed butcher. Within the first 10 minutes or so, there is this photograph slide-show where he narrates his entire life story -- from when he was born up to the point where we encounter him in the film. Just still pictures and voice over, and it is fast-paced and captivating. I feel the film devolves a bit and loses direction, but there is a lot of good stuff in there, and the whole thing does leave an impact. You should definitely check this one out. (It's not terribly graphic.)

Oh, well, I'm not about to let this page become a damn movie review corner -- I'd rather RANT AND BLATHER about nonsensical non-sequiturs!!!

flux rules,
lamers drool...

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Dear Readership,

It has come to my attention that over the course of the almost week-long lifespan of this web journal, a total of TWO people (not including myself) have posted "comments". What is it that you want from me? My blood? Is it my blood you want?

Is it too much to ask you to click on the damn "comments" link and type somethin stupid in the damn pop-up box?! Am I pushing the envelope of our virtual relationship here? Just tell me I'm overreaching the boundaries of our cyber-friendship-agreement, and I'll put down the grenade...!!!

McDonalds sucks.

Veggies rule.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

just got back from seeing jeffrey wright and mos def in Suzan-Lori Parks's "Top Dog Underdog", which was a thrill. despite the ending...

three actresses lined up to audition for my film next thursday. now, if i can only finish writing the sides i need to give them...

my copy of the the first season of OZ on DVD arrived today! commentary by tom fontana. (those sopranos nuts can't boast that, even with two seasons of box sets out...!)

you deserve a life today -- avoid McDonalds!

nick gaffney fans click here.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

"24" progresses another 1-hr increment this eve, yet i'll have to watch it another night as tonight is a serious writing night.

scheduling audition times soon -- must have "sides" ready...

"skills assessment" exam was cancelled 2day, due to technical difficulties. thank you, satan.

just finishing up eric schosser's brilliant and horrifying FAST FOOD NATION -- people say you'll never eat fast food again, but it made me not want to eat MEAT again... the stories in that book are harrowing...

McDonalds is the temple of doom.

Monday, March 18, 2002

another late-night post to keep the fanatics at bay. must put some writings in order tonight. more on that later.

good luck to all the psnbc hopefuls. may the crazies sink into obscurity.

tomorrow i take a 5-hour test--er, i mean, "skills assessment" at work, so that the pigs can see how disposable i am...


show must go on.

alas, sunday nite, beddy-time for working flowers. another weekend placed to rest beneath a blanket of earth. set my bags and clothes aside, for monday mourning awaits, along with a new week of (dreary) work...

jacket + tie at the office now. 383 madison, EVIL INC., 39th floor with an incomparable view of the entire city from all around...

the mormons are our friends. though they rarely reply back to e-mail.

the gators are in the sewers -- please be aware of all the danger that lurks throughout the unlikeliest places...

Sunday, March 17, 2002

just another sleepy sunday. must finish writing script. [top secret, need-2-know-basis.]

so many wonderful distractions to keep me from this, though.

simpsons and "alias" tonight -- it is the simple pleasures that keep me going...

Saturday, March 16, 2002

what up, what up? props to mah 718 peeps.

meeting people is easy.
(avoiding them is harder.)

when you think of something good to say, leave a "comment".