Friday, September 19, 2003


Things are looking up!

All right, things are never looking up. I'm just trying to have a more positive outlook.

Work has plummeted into newer circles of hell. I'm behind in all my creative work and I need to find a new job that will at least make ends meet and will not fill me with the urge to bring a shotgun to the office. I know I've been making noises like this for almost 2 years, but the situation is critical.

I'm 68-72% done editing Jin & Tom's wedding, from last weekend. I need to get this baby in the can so they can bring copies down to Virginia (?) where her mom's having a reception next weekend! It was a good wedding. (Though I've had my bloody LIMIT with all the weddings, YOU FUCKERS HEAR ME OUT THERE?!?!?!) I hid behind the camera almost the whole time, which is good coz I get migraines pretending to be "social".

After I'm done, I've got two scripts I gotta finish. My infamous "Butcherhouse Chronicles" (Act 1 is complete, for good or ill) and an as-yet-untitled script I'm co-writing with my beloved C (she has new blog-type page).

The new apartment is slowly, gradually, inch-by-painstaking-inching toward something that is ready to accept anything resembling "company".

Our wedding's over. Our move's over.

Now it's time to take over the world... or destroy the fucking thing trying...

Watch the skies...