Wednesday, September 27, 2017

iPhone Upgrade

Hi. It's been a while, I understand. New job, long hours, etceteras. And I just got a new over-priced phone.

So this is the first time I've transferred service from one iPhone to another. Specifically, an iPhone 6+ to an iPhone 8+.

Initially, it seemed like it was going to be the smoothest transition to a new phone I've ever dealt with. Got the new phone delivered to the office. The two phones started communicating with each other like a couple of Furbies in the wild. Only had to wait to get home to fully load my new phone with the backup of my old phone, which I'd done through iTunes.

That's where I ran into some troubles.

When I tried syncing the new phone with iTunes and loading up the backup, I needed to enter a password for the encrypted password.

The password was NOT my regular iTunes password.

It wasn't the code I use to unlock my phone.

In fact, I don't ever recall SETTING a password for an encrypted backup and yet... I couldn't move forward without supplying this password.

Some google searches revealed a lot of people with the same issue. And, unfortunately, a lot of dead-ends.

Eventually, I happened upon the solution. Made possible only because I'd recently upgraded my iOS to 11.

If you can’t remember the password for your encrypted backup

You can’t restore an encrypted backup without its password.

With iOS 11 or later, you can make a new encrypted backup of your device by resetting the password.

Here’s what to do:

On your iOS device, go to Settings > General > Reset.

Tap Reset All Settings and enter your iOS passcode.

Follow the steps to reset your settings. This won't affect your user data or passwords, but it will reset settings like display brightness, Home screen layout, and wallpaper. It also removes your encrypted backup password.
Connect your device to iTunes again and create a new encrypted backup.

The password systems for iPhones and iTunes are really a pain. Spent the majority of my night trying to set up the new phone and blank out the old phone.

Goodbye, old phone. Such memories I'll never ever want to revisit. Thankfully, the new phone looks almost exactly the same, but way more expensive!