Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Dear Stephie + Friends of Stephie,







A scream with no mouth.

Sunday, July 28, 2002

Dear No One,

Another long weekend of commitments.

Editing my footage, I have more sympathy for Stanely Kubrick and the years he spent shooting his last film. There is "getting it" and there is "getting it *right*"... and that'll be the difference between people laughing at your picture and people seeing something more...

(I don't mean to compare myself to Kubrick. I feel closer to Axl Rose. I wanna hide underground for fifteen years trying to get my album right...)

(Not that anybody really reads my blog anyway...)


Thursday, July 25, 2002

one more thing...

OK, i just restored another old page of photos:


These also are lomos. I figured out why all the pictures on the old site weren't showing up any longer, but I won't bother you with the details. Suffice it to say, it was a STUPID reason, and it's time-consuming yet simple to repair...

Hopefully I'll be able to get more consistent pictures on THIS page as well, soon...

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

hello, everybody,

just reacquainting myself with html, people. don't be alarmed if i don't have much to say with it right now...

i just (re)discovered an old website i put up (with pictures i took w/ my lomo) which has since fallen to pieces, but this one page remains. it's pictures from my trip to maine, visiting my pops a few year back:

like i says, the shoot went off real well last night. my actress, jeanah, is off helping run a Korean kid camp in Michigan for a month now, so i'll have to wait to get some pickup work from her at the close of august. otherwise, i've got more shooting to do with the boyz, then everything else is hunky dory...

trying desperately to master in-line skating right now. spent an hour or so in the park w/ C tonight, stumbling around a narrow patch of rocky pavement. i am determined to wire my brain for this...

dear you,

i'm experimenting with posting pix from different sources.

the shoot went really well last night. the footage looks great. i am optimistic.

Saturday, July 20, 2002

dear god,

creaky saturday mourn. actors coming over in a few hours and i've gotta get a few shots off, including my first use of stage blood.

the LEMONADE show i wrote about yesterday is shaping up, and it looks like i won't have to submit any of my work as filler material, which is good. the concept works better if it's just the people who actually submitted their work to this theater company and got rejected. c read some of the submissions and she says there's some good stuff, which is encouraging. everybody better come out.

(i made all the animated gifs on the web page!)

oh, and check out our interview w/ margaret cho + review of her new movie on generationrice. it is up, along with baby pictures of me + c... if you can find them...!

p.s. i just updated to 'blogger pro' because i have decided to surrender to the geek in me. still looks a lot like 'blogger amateur', dudn't it? well, we'll have to see about that...
p.p.s. if anyone can give me a solution for posting images successfully on this thing, it would be greatly appreciated. the top image source comes from the LEMONADE geocities site. the bottom image source is from an AOL members site.

Friday, July 19, 2002

I hate this blog template.

It is a royal pain to manipulate.

Words can't describe what I feel inside: who needs them?

So, there was this NY Asian American playwriting contest that this Asian American theater company had this past Spring, and they ended up choosing THREE selections from this guy who doesn't even live in NY (he's from Toronto). Furthermore, it turns out the company admitted that they didn't even READ all of the submissions!

Anyway, C and two other guys are organizing a night of readings, from excerpts of the "rejected" submissions. Because the other guys have been extremely flakey, I ended up designing a flyer and a website very quickly. The show's called Lemonade and it's happening August 2nd and there's a slim possibility an excerpt from one of my plays will be in there as filler material--if they don't manage to get enough submissions from the rejected writers in time.

In any case, please pass the word along.

Thursday, July 18, 2002


It's hot in herre...

Shot a little bit of my film Tuesday night. Looks good. Jeanah's great. Lighting/sound looks good. I'm cautiously optimistic.

I wish I could post pictures and crap on this blog page. This sucks.

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Dear Avid Readers,

So today, Jeanah, the actress who's going to be in my short film, told me that she just landed a Samuel Adams Light National Commercial!

Now, I know I'm supposed to be excited for her -- and I am, honestly -- but it just reinforces this terrible Career Inferiority Complex in me...

I just booked a Sam Adams Light
national commercial!!

That's terrific! I... I... just bought
The Royal Tanenbaums on DVD today...

Sigh... one day...

Saturday, July 06, 2002

Dear Goat-Fuckers,

Went to see Albee's The Goat last night. Was going to try to see INTO THE WOODS, but couldn't get seats next to each other. The Goat was really good, though.

Saw a dragonfly get run over by an SUV before the show. It was buzzing back and forth along the 44th St., seemed very out of place. Then... smush. Right under the wheels. I saw it happen, and was drawn to the crushed aftermath as if I were 9 years old.

(NOTE: I am older than 9 years old.)

Friday, July 05, 2002

Dear Burnt by the Sun,

Have not added anything in quite a while because I've been busy and because it is very hot in our computer room at home, and as such I have spent less time there the past few weeks.

This heat wave is relentless.

Yesterday, C and I went bowling at BOWLMOR (1 game, I won by three points! -- we're considering having our wedding reception there), then had some Independence Day bar-b-que w/ mom, then walked to the East Side and stood on the highway with hundreds of others as we gazed at the magnificent fireworks display.

Oh, Cameron's wedding was lovely. I finished editing the video last week and sent a copy off to Cam and his new bride. (Nick pointed out, too late, that I misspelled the maid of honor's name in the video.)

Carla and I interviewed Margaret Cho on behalf of GENERATION RICE on Monday. We've got to pull together our review/interview soon, but you'll be able to find it on there. Margaret's real nice in person. The other reporters at the roundtable interview were rabid, but we got to get in a bunch of questions between the both of us.