Sunday, January 08, 2017


Friday, January 06, 2017

"Uncle Ralphie seemed strange after he returned from Mars..."

I been wasting a lot of time making GIFs on hitRECord.

It's a strange site but basically it's built for collaborating. There are all sorts of little challenges and projects but I've been mainly focused on taking other people's art and animating it.

For this one, the source art is above. "Uncle Ralph".

I recreated him using my iPad Pro and created this animation with the help of Photoshop and After Effects:

I like how it came out!

A link to the posting here:

I'm hitting the big 4-1 this Sunday. It's not quite as terrifying as the big 4-0. But it's not necessarily a cheery affair, either. No big parties. Nothing to celebrate here. May go to a bar on my own and chase oblivion for a spell.