Sunday, May 31, 2015

Science Playground

If you've got kids, I highly recommend the New York Hall of Science in Queens. They've got this massive Science Playground and interactive exhibits for a whole range of tykesters.

Went there with the girlfriend and child yesterday and there was sooo much more to do and see than we expected. (Made this video featuring one ball-track exhibit in the playground: there is really an embarrassing amount of stuff for kids to do in that playground.)

New York Hall of Science: Malice Highload's Kid Pick of the Week!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Imperator Malice

In years past, I would have easily dedicated an entire blog entry to the details of a wrap party. Saturday's was the wrap party for THE KNICK SEASON 2. At the wrap party for SEASON 1, I (barely) managed to speak to Steven Soderbergh by briefly infiltrating his bowling coterie. How did the follow-up go...?

Well, this was my first wrap party without the safety of my crew. Sodie was there with his requisite semi-circle of acolytes but I didn't bother this time. I decided I didn't want to meet him as some grunt. A few of the cast members were in attendance and I didn't speak with any of them, either. Though I shook hands with Clive Owen's assistant when he sauntered in with a fresh-faced Clive.

No, this wrap party, I mainly focused on getting as hammered as possible with the open bar and doing my best with the social circle I knew. There was a nice spread of appetizer-type food to help in slowing my demise. The last thing I remember was trying to play wingman for a coworker -- a coworker who I could NOT get to talk to this super hot black chick who seemed friendly enough.

In previous times, I would have stuck around longer. Hit the after parties, there's always something that develops. But I was spent and wasn't feeling it. I was bummed that my girlfriend wasn't with me (but she can't drink right now so we probably wouldn't have stayed that long anyway), bummed my close friends weren't there, and just didn't feel like succumbing to that old fear-of-missing-out. I was fine missing out on whatever adventures lay beyond the open bar.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Immortan Malice

Went to see MAD MAX FURY ROAD again today. What a movie—what a lovely movie! So cool, wall-to-wall cool, filled with ridiculously odd creations that are never explained.

TOMORROWLAND is a mess of a movie that has a kernel of a good idea. I'll bet some kids might really fall for it. There are elements that I really liked, mainly because of my love for Disney Theme Parks, but surprisingly few.

This week should be crazy at work. Finished shooting last Friday, so everyone will be closing out and scuttling to new jobs. Six weeks of wrap, should get easier as we go.

Kind of a strange long weekend. Drinks with friends Friday night, wrap party Saturday night, then two days of solitude. Sometimes you need those.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Weekend 2015

Quiet weekend alone this Memorial Day. All my friends are busy with their own families, including my girlfriend. I see her for a night or two during the week but for major holidays, she'll go off with her husband and kid to visit family. Such is my fortune: even when I'm in a relationship, I'm alone!

This has to get better, doesn't it?

If we have a child together, am I still going to be alone for major holidays? Because she's so afraid of pissing off her (ex) husband and his extended family?

It'd be a lie if I said it's not frustrating. It's hard to explain the circumstances to friends and family. The only way it makes sense to me is the belief that this will get better with time. That she represents my future. That we're going to build a family together. That this transitional period will get easier and I won't always be waiting.

But there is still a constant part of me that is braced for this to end immediately. Because the universe doesn't want me to have nice things.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

All Your Favorite Shows!

All Your Favorite Shows! from ornana on Vimeo.

This is amazing.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Dayplayers

Here's to all the moms, old and new.

My world's looking a lot more optimistic. Relationship's in a more solid state. We're at about four months -- do we subtract the "time-out" month? Regardless, it's still the longest relationship I've had in a decade. The future seems on track again.

And we've got all this lovely Sunday night television to look forward to tonight!

Saturday, May 02, 2015

When I get to the bottom I go back to the top

May 2, 2015.

I'd bought a ticket to see AVENGERS 2 this morning. Instead, I had the movie ticket transferred to the next day... so I could meet her kid for the first time.

What did I see instead of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON this Saturday morning...?

It was hosted by a guy who plays an opium den owner in the show I've been working on. It was NOT good. I mean, it might be dismissed as fine for "children's theater" -- but I do not accept that. I don't accept that children's theater has to be this clumsy. I have zero experience with children's theater and I know I could do a better job of it than what this was. But I wasn't there to be a critic or to take on some new wild goose chase vocational calling.

When I arrived at the theater to buy my ticket, the box office girl asked if I was a performer. YOU WISH, I thought. YOU WOULD BE LUCKY IF I WAS A GODDAMN PERFORMER.

Some sparks ignited in my head, watching the show. Old competitive feelings of wanting to do a better job than what these jabronies were doing.

But this was about meeting The Kid.

And he totally took to me.

We saw the show. We had icy drinks at a bubble tea house. We ran around the playground at Union Square as a Canabis Event was being staged. Tossed around a beach ball on a grassy field on the West Side. Had a stroll and a snack on the High Line. And at the end of the day, I helped tuck him into bed and read bedtime stories. It was a perfect day. The kid adored me. If this were a job interview, I nailed it.

Things are looking better. The future. We hit a little turbulence there but we survived.

What happens from here? I don't know. But I think I can start to breathe a little easier again.