Sunday, November 02, 2003

i don't sleep i dream

ah the wee hours, technically sunday but saturday in continuity.

almost got crushed to death by the sheep of humanity halloween night. my mistake for trying to get out the subway at 16th and 6th.

stayed at herr wang's b'day party all night, too tired to trek to the competing halloween party we were invited to in brooklyn. anyway, it was cw's birthday, so i don't feel so bad.

didn't get much of anything done today. want to work on a revision of my play but i think i just needed to unwind today. watched (or finished watching) GINGER SNAPS, RAIDER OF THE LOST ARK, and GANGS OF NEW YORK with Scorsese's commentary (I liked it more seeing it again, and with his commentary). played some SSX3 -- so nice to do something as frivolous as play a videogame in my spare time.

tired. i got a week of hell coming up @ work. i been squawking about it for years now, but i really gotta find a new job. not just a new job but something different from the shit i've been pidgeon-holed in since college. something that means something. it's so goddamn frustrating...

i miss having more free time. i miss reading books.

i need more time off...