Monday, August 11, 2003

darkness is my everything

6 more nights to pack.

4 nights (including what remains of tonight) and 2 days.

things will get easier once we've moved.

one of the three plays that C had going up this summer (the one i was supposed to act in) has been postponed, mainly due to me. i feel bad. but i would have been awful and would not have served the piece. once again, i am a retired performer. best to keep me behind the scenes, where my deep melancholy cannot blot out the lights.

i'm much better as a writer, than as a performer.

been picking away at my play. will be able to work on it easier after the move. i want it to be good. i want it to be a flare in the night sky.

i hope people will see it. i've never tried to draw a crowd all on my own. i promise, if you come to see it, that it will be good or at least have a few good bits in it. how's that for a sale?

Sunday, August 03, 2003

hey victim

signed the lease on the new apartment on friday -- it looks really effin' good. did measurements on the new space, imagined some layouts. afterwards, we walked around the new neighborhood and were most pleasantly surprised at how close we'll be to civilzation -- and to many more trains than the doomed F!

i am very excited about it. not so excited about the amount of packing we need to do in two weeks. not to mention everything else that needs to get done.

been working on my new play, THE BUTCHERHOUSE CHRONICLES. it's going awfully, but these things always begin as ugly things. i wanna shake it and holler, "why can't you be better!!!"

(oh yeah, i'll be wonderful father one day...)

august will prove to be messy. or at least the first half of august. it's gonna be totally shitty at work these next two weeks, and i've got to be packing and moving.

one of my new sources of procrastination has been "matching" my single friends up with potential dates on FRIENDSTER. there are tons of problems with the site, though i guess it's still in beta...

also, if anyone happens to know the legendary beta code for ENEMYSTER, i would be very grateful... as if i didn't have enough mortal enemies...