Friday, January 30, 2004


wow, i don't know when i've updated this dumb blog so often.  and it's not like i've got a lot to report or anything.
as usual, i'm late for the game and just now figured out how to update my blog via e-mail, which is that much easier.  complete with useless links, no less!
getting this reading off the ground is a bit more difficult than i expected it to be.  i just have a lot of characters in the piece, which means i've got a larger cast to negotiate.  it's looking really good, i just hope it all plays out properly... and that people come see it...
i wish i were in l.a.  at least it's warm there...
i need a haircut... jesus, i hate how often i gotta get a haircut, esp coz i don't have a regular place i always go... part of me wants to get a clipper and try to do it myself, the way i used to do it in college... i saved so much money that way... i also had purple hair and a semi-mohawk... but i saved so much money...

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

storm of the century

after a rough night, i decided to check out that doctor this mourning. he was real cool. i didn't wait, he saw me real quick, checked me out, gave me a bunch of free drugs and sent me on my way. now, hopefully these drugs will kick in soon and start fixing me...

shitty storm outside. can't wait to see what fresh white hell awaits me on the commute tomorrow. the unrelenting cold of this month has broken records. i don't see how i'm still standing...

listened to david sedaris read from "NAKED", with help from sister amy. ohhh, do i have to include links to pertinent sites now? does anyone actually check out these links? well, here and here and here.

people rave about his performances. i already read all his books, after C gave me a copy of "Holidays on Ice" for xmas the other year. his stories have made me literally laugh out loud. however, his readings of his stories seem to make them a lot more melancholy due to the sad tone of his voice, in my opinion. it's cool listening to him, but in a way... sadder.

must prepare for more rehearsals tomorrow...

Monday, January 26, 2004

Don't Mind Me

Sorry about this, but I don't really have a decent organizer book, so I'm just going to post this on my blog so I don't lose it:

Dr. Melamed
129 110th Street
(betw. Lenox Ave & 7th Ave)
2,3 train to "110th Street"
Mon-Fri: 9am-4pm
Sat: 9:30am-1:30pm

walk-ins okay
$40 (cash only)

Two people from work vouch for this guy, so feel free to check him out yourselves. He's supposed to be cool and on the up-and-up and good to go to if you don't have health insurance. (Um... like me...)

Sunday, January 25, 2004


had to ditch a big group of friends last night coz i was dry hacking like there was no tomorrow. i actually felt WORSE yesterday. how could i possibly be getting WORSE?! i woke up at 4am with a nose bleed...

jesus, i feel like i've been sick forever. and this fucking unrelenting weather ain't helping every time i gotta step outside. i've already missed so much work, i'm living off imaginary money. what a depressing place i'm in!!!

first meeting/rehearsal for my BUTCHERHOUSE reading this afternoon. have to try to keep it together. inspire confidence, rather than pity.

it's going to be a long week...

Friday, January 23, 2004

Aborted Fridays

Sorry no talk for a while... C's birthday went off fairly seamless. it lasted all night long and i was fairly expired by the time we went home, but C was happy so i was happy.

My flu's evolved into a viral bronchitis, so says Dr. Sister-In-Law. I should expect it to take as much as 2-3 more weeks for this to taper off... hip hip hooray...

we were going to shoot a small DV project today, but Paco's Kidnapper landed a bad case of food poisoning this mourning so it looks like it's aborted for the time being. which may be just as well, coz i feel worse than ever today. anyway, it's odd coz we all ate the same stuff from Mama's and none of us got the pukies.

i've got the first meeting of the butcher cast on sunday... say a prayer for the dying...

Thursday, January 15, 2004


Thank you to everybody who passed the flu onto me on my birthday! You know who you are! Thank you!

Actually, I think I may have gotten a special, super-duper, combo-remix-reloaded-revolution of a few different viruses. Wheeeeeeeee!! I feel like there's a portal to hell in my body...!!!

This is the third day I've called in sick. Actually, today I made C call in sick for me, coz I'm so spineless. I really can't afford to be taking all this time off, but I feel like a Clive Barker nightmare.

Trying to combat this with drugs and sleep. Nothing helps for long.

Please... send pity...

Sunday, January 11, 2004

the day after

survived my birthday. it wasn't nearly as painful as i expected. the bar was *packed* -- with half a dozen OTHER birthdays. we managed to stake out a small niche toward the back, which turned out fine.

as anxious as i was about the number of invitations, i was (not unpleasantly) surprised by the lack of turn out. but when i rechecked the evite when i got back home, most of the people who said they'd come did come, including a bunch of MAYBEs.

only did one shot. stuck with my tanqueray & tonics, otherwise. no blackout. no mess.

it was the coldest night on earth in the city, but i was so grateful to have escaped unscathed. it was good to see everyone. awkward moments at a proud minimum. i think i performed decently enough. didn't embarrass myself.

hiding from the outside world today... comforting myself with the warm glow of my gifts...

Thursday, January 08, 2004


It's my birthday today.

(Along with David Bowie. And Michelle Forbes, from "Homicide" & "Kalifornia". And it would'a been Elvis's birthday, too.)

Had a nice day. Went to work. Had dinner with C and Chris -- who I haven't seen since his birthday on Halloween. They gave me some really excellent gifts and we dined @ OTTO, which was sublime. Chris and I managed to polish off a bottle of wine, which impressed me. Need to build up my tolerance for the big unfortunate birthday bar party on Saturday...

Friday, January 02, 2004

The New Year

Here again, my poorly updated blog, somehow surviving into 2004...

Holidays over. Must face the harsh reality again.

The reading is in motion. BUTCHERHOUSE CHRONICLES, Feb 20-21, Common Basis Theatre, 8th Ave betw. 46th & 47th -- but I'll advertise that more properly later...

For now, I made a little visual scroll of my holiday adventures, using a lovely digital camera that C afforded me -- please view HOLIDAYLAND!!!

Now I gotta debate whether or not I wanna celebrate my birthday this year...