Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Imperator Malice

In years past, I would have easily dedicated an entire blog entry to the details of a wrap party. Saturday's was the wrap party for THE KNICK SEASON 2. At the wrap party for SEASON 1, I (barely) managed to speak to Steven Soderbergh by briefly infiltrating his bowling coterie. How did the follow-up go...?

Well, this was my first wrap party without the safety of my crew. Sodie was there with his requisite semi-circle of acolytes but I didn't bother this time. I decided I didn't want to meet him as some grunt. A few of the cast members were in attendance and I didn't speak with any of them, either. Though I shook hands with Clive Owen's assistant when he sauntered in with a fresh-faced Clive.

No, this wrap party, I mainly focused on getting as hammered as possible with the open bar and doing my best with the social circle I knew. There was a nice spread of appetizer-type food to help in slowing my demise. The last thing I remember was trying to play wingman for a coworker -- a coworker who I could NOT get to talk to this super hot black chick who seemed friendly enough.

In previous times, I would have stuck around longer. Hit the after parties, there's always something that develops. But I was spent and wasn't feeling it. I was bummed that my girlfriend wasn't with me (but she can't drink right now so we probably wouldn't have stayed that long anyway), bummed my close friends weren't there, and just didn't feel like succumbing to that old fear-of-missing-out. I was fine missing out on whatever adventures lay beyond the open bar.


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