Friday, September 28, 2012


What would I do if I were to have a huge sum of money come in...?

Assuming I could clear the standing debts...

... get a new computer. Trick out the computer left, right and backwards. That's a big needful imperative.

Upgrade my phone. Another important thing. Battery life on my DROID 2 is a joke and it flips out whenever it rains. (Why the rain? Moisture in the air...?)

Now, if it were some insane lottery jackpot...

Penthouse. (Brownstone, maybe?) Upper West Side.

All new things.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fake Blood

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Willfully Uninformed

There are some people who believe what they believe and refuse to listen to anything that challenges their POV.

They will absorb anything that supports their beliefs and filter out anything that doesn't.

Xenophobic immigrants. Agoraphobic trailer park citizens. The intolerant. The God-fearing. Insofar as the definition of "Christian" is "Showing a loving concern for others; humane.", the most anti-Christian Christians you can fathom.

Not uneducated, necessarily, but willfully uninformed.

The GOP consistently depends on these people to be fooled into voting against their own interests. Building their campaigns on fear-mongering and anti-OTHER bombast. You show these people that The Great and Powerful Oz is just a small man working levers behind a curtain and they will still believe in The Great and Powerful Oz. They will flatly dismiss any evidence that does not confirm everything they've always believed to be true.

While there are legitimate criticisms the GOP could levy against the Obama Administration, legitimate debates that could be had over policies and actions and records, none of this is happening. Because the GOP is relying on scare tactics to win them votes from those willfully uninformed masses.

McCain at least showed moments where he pulled back from rallying the fear/hate vote. Romney is just a fear/hate/ignorance robot. He gleefully doesn't give a shit about people. He is banking on the willfully uninformed voting against their own interests.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

A Pixar Apocalypse

Friday, September 07, 2012

The Desolation of Heisenberg

Okay, probably the last BREAKING BAD entry for a while, non-fans.

Here's a Times Arts Beat Q&A with Vince Gilligan.

More interesting, IMHO, is the Rolling Stone Q&A with Gilligan, which complements the larger Rolling Stone BREAKING BAD article I linked to the other day. Here's an excerpt [SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE SEASON]:
Bryan Cranston mentioned that he asked you a bunch of questions about the flash-forward. When he asked, "Why am I back?" you told him, "To protect someone." Is that an answer that you're gonna stick with?

I wouldn't shy away from sticking with that, just because it's been in print, but we really are – we're questioning everything at this point. It doesn't give me great pause to have that out there. But having said that, we're not, at this point, afraid to change it, either. Our prime directive here – our mandate – is to make the ending as satisfying and as dramatic as possible. To that end, we've got a lot of good ideas, I feel, but any minute that a better idea comes along, we'll jettison the good idea for the better idea, no matter where it may take us. So could go either way. Could wind up being exactly that, or could be something different.
Worth reading the full Q&A at RS.

(Yes, I spent more time creating the GIF than actually composing this entry.)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Never-- Gonna-- Run-- Around-- And-- Dessert--? You--

I wonder if there's some program that makes these videos easier to cut together. Or if people just have massive harddrives filled with all this footage and have them painstakingly logged.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Breaking Bad Returns and Concludes in July 2013

From an LA Times article:
Judgment day arrives next summer when AMC will air the show's final block of eight episodes. Naturally, Gilligan wouldn't reveal much about what's coming. The writers have been talking about the series finale since November but gathered face to face to break down the story only in early August.

So far, they have the broad strokes of the ending but still have "the blanks to fill in," he said.

"We've got some ideas for the last eight episodes that frankly trouble me and worry me," he said. "I worry the audience won't stay on board with some of them. But this show demands dramatic moments and moments of shock and surprise and showmanship, and I want to carry that through to the bitter end — if indeed it is a bitter end."

From the Rolling Stone article on BREAKING BAD:
At NYU... [Vince Gilligan] sold the very first full-length screenplay he ever wrote, Home Fries, which became a middling Drew Barrymore movie. "I basically made the mistake of thinking, 'Man. I'm in,'" he says. "'It's all gonna be just gravy from here on out. I don't even have to work that hard, and I'm making more money optioning scripts than I ever dreamed.'" Taking well-meaning advice that moving to California would ruin his distinct regional perspective, he bought a house 45 minutes outside of Richmond, Virginia – and promptly began to stagnate.

He was less in danger of breaking bad than breaking fat. "It was like The Shining, especially in the winter. I got snowed in once or twice, and if I had been more of a self-starter it would have been great, 'cause I would have gotten all kinds of work done. I could write all day long if I chose to. But instead I chose to play video games and eat Cheetos and waste time all day." He wrote a couple of other movies – including what eventually became the Will Smith vehicle Hancock – but studios butchered them, and the offers stopped coming. It was the X-Files gig that saved him.

He spent seven productive years on the show, and also co-created The Lone Gunman, a failed spinoff. His career stalled out again – though he always had Sony executives anxious to hear his next idea – and it's hard not to see autobiography in the unfulfilled promise of Walter White, who went from Nobel Prize-level work to teaching high school.

But he still can't believe that anyone bought the idea for Breaking Bad in the first place. "A show about a middle-aged man dying of cancer, cooking crystal meth – I keep thinking about The Producers, and Springtime for Hitler. In hindsight I don't know if you could come up with a worse idea on paper for a TV show than Breaking Bad, unless you're actually trying to fail."
In the same article, on BREAKING BAD ending...
Gilligan is anxious about the ending – and not just because of his desire to live up to fans' expectations. "I fear for the day when this is over," says Gilligan. "I honestly fear that this will be the highlight of my career. And you don't want it to be! You'd rather be Clint Eastwood than Orson Welles. You'd rather be doing some of your best work toward the end than at the beginning of it. Though, shit, I'd take Orson Welles in a New York minute!"