Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Willfully Uninformed

There are some people who believe what they believe and refuse to listen to anything that challenges their POV.

They will absorb anything that supports their beliefs and filter out anything that doesn't.

Xenophobic immigrants. Agoraphobic trailer park citizens. The intolerant. The God-fearing. Insofar as the definition of "Christian" is "Showing a loving concern for others; humane.", the most anti-Christian Christians you can fathom.

Not uneducated, necessarily, but willfully uninformed.

The GOP consistently depends on these people to be fooled into voting against their own interests. Building their campaigns on fear-mongering and anti-OTHER bombast. You show these people that The Great and Powerful Oz is just a small man working levers behind a curtain and they will still believe in The Great and Powerful Oz. They will flatly dismiss any evidence that does not confirm everything they've always believed to be true.

While there are legitimate criticisms the GOP could levy against the Obama Administration, legitimate debates that could be had over policies and actions and records, none of this is happening. Because the GOP is relying on scare tactics to win them votes from those willfully uninformed masses.

McCain at least showed moments where he pulled back from rallying the fear/hate vote. Romney is just a fear/hate/ignorance robot. He gleefully doesn't give a shit about people. He is banking on the willfully uninformed voting against their own interests.


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