Sunday, May 11, 2003

lonely children, part 2

You are Baby Gonzo from Muppet Babies! You have
definitely got some issues that need working
out. Your friends really DO like you, but
sometimes you just can't believe them. Maybe if
you'd just stop unleashing strange monsters
from the Basement . . .

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Saturday, May 10, 2003

the fantasy world of lonely children

just watched an old TWILIGHT ZONE episode where these two unhappy kids, whose parents are divorcing, find sanctuary in a fantasy world at the bottom of their swimming pool!!!

it's the funniest thing ever. i almost wanted to steal the script, verbatim, and turn it into a play.

"The Bewitchin' Pool", written by Earl Hamner Jr., directed by Joseph Newman. The 5th and last season of the original Twilight Zone run.

The mother is this housewife who wants to go to work as a fashion model. The father is this generic, stuffy, 1950s man in a suit, who wants her to stay home and look after their whiny kids. Neither of them seem to care much about the kids.

Your father and I are getting a divorce.

You kids need to choose who you want to live with.

We want things to be the way they were!

Well, you can forget about that...


Friday, May 09, 2003

Eternal Darkness

She lived like a murder
How she'd fly so sweetly
She lived like a murder
But she died
Just like suicide

Feeling like a bit of old skool 90s manic-depressive rock today... this gray, drizzly friday...

Had a small read-through for a special DV project we're working on. Jeanah and Keo are playing the roles of C and me, respectively. They are both extremely nice people. I'm just really anxious about putting on a good show. I always feel so insecure playing the role of "director". I'm still doing it on such a small scale, I'm just grateful my actors show up. (And don't run away when they see the size of my camera.)

Work is still hell. Can I get married, find a new apartment and find a new job -- in one summer?