Sunday, March 16, 2008


"You got a plasma screen? Oh yeah, they're slashing price-tags on those 'cause they want to stop manufacturing them: You can't repair them!"

"Writers strike might be over, but it doesn't really change anything for you, does it, pal? Coz you'll be rewriting that fucking script for the next 5 years, right?"

"Oh, you've got to get rid of your agent! And get out of that day job as soon as you can -- it's toxic!"

"What, you leaving already? You homo!"

Ever go to a party where all the vibes are off? Where EVERYBODY seems to be saying exactly what you DON'T want to hear? And they're all blissfully oblivious to it?

I didn't expect to flee the party as suddenly as I did, but half an hour in I literally felt like puking. Which had nothing to do with the bad interpersonal vibes, but it didn't help.

Bad chemistry. Everywhere.

Not to mention that being THE SINGLE GUY amidst a sea of couples gets really fucking oppressive really fucking fast.

Taking a break from that scene. Now.


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