Friday, March 14, 2008

In Treatment

I'm just about the only one I know who's made a commitment to HBO's IN TREATMENT. Adapted from the Israeli Betipul, the show is a fairly spot-on representation of what it's like to go through therapy. Which is to say, it's a bit excruciation at times. And a bit boring at times, quite frankly. Like real therapy, there are breakthroughs, regressions and these patches where nobody knows what to say while the minutes burn holes in your pockets. Am I selling the show for you yet?

I like the posters for the show that they've got around, with Gabriel Byrne photographed like the fucking Pietà. Carrying the burdens of his patients. Trying to guide them through their trials. And trying to resist fucking them. (Just like the Virgin Mary tries to resist fucking YOU, you fucking teases!)

Here is a photoshop I made, with a somber dog replacing Gabriel Byrne:

Now that's what I call gravitas!

(Eat your heart out, James Lipton, ya dizzy fruitcake!)

Hey, good luck to whosoever may be getting married today: I hear it's a good day for it and shit.


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