Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitz & Swallowz

Nothing like a juicy sex scandal to kick-start a work-week, eh, boys and ghouls?

Assuming Spitzer resigns, New York's gonna have itself its first blind/black governor. TAKE THAT, MOTHERFUCKERS!

So, how bad is this really? People are way too uptight about the sex thing, but extra-marital coitus is just the icing on the scandal-cake. Not saying that I approve of adultery, but human beings are scum. We have base instincts that we suppress for the sake of civility, or the illusion of civility. His own personal failings are just that: his own and personal. I think it's a little absurd that we expect our political leaders to be puritans...

That said, the bigger issue is that what he did was, technically, criminal.

And you've got to wonder who's responsible for this getting out. He definitely has his critics but I'm curious about his outright enemies. He's certainly amassed his share over the years.

Does he survive this in some manner? I mean, it's not like he's gay or anything (which is technically illegal in New Jersey).

[Don't you just love when Misanthropy Central does the political stuff?]

How Spitz got Spitzered.

The Inevitablility of Prostitution.

In other news... fireman saves puppy to score more pussy!

I am having an awful time writing lately. Trying really hard to turn that around this week.


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