Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Exact Moment His Heart Breaks

You can call it schadenfreude if you must. But I'd hate for you to marginalize it. I am not merely amused. I am utterly fascinated by other people's misery.

The backstory is important for this video. Little kid is caught snooping for his Christmas presents and discovers that his mom has bought him an XBOX 360. Now, the way the story is presented, it *may* be a case of entrapment here, and the intention was always to pull this little prank on him.

Regardless, Christmas morning, the kid gets a little surprise when he opens that "XBOX 360" box:

I love how he pretends to be surprised when he tears open the wrapping paper...

And then how the camera zooms in and lingers on his face in the aftermath, and the profound death of hope...

Of course, it was just a prank. He did get the XBOX, after he'd sufficiently suffered. (So we're told.) I actually like to imagine that he appreciated it even more after this heartbreaking episode of betrayal.

Who wants ice cream?


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