Friday, February 29, 2008

[[NetFlix Bitching Interlude]]

So, I've been powering through RESCUE ME. I'm up to Season 3, which is on Blu-ray, which I was really looking forward to.

Though they are perfectly lined up in chronological order, what does NetFlix do?

They send me discs 2 and 3 first. Though disc 1 is clearly at the top and available "Now".

I go to the trouble of calling the NetFlix customer service. I get 3 discs out at a time, I don't want them to send me disc 4 so that I actually have to RETURN ONE OF THE DISCS UNWATCHED just so I can get that first disc.

The customer service guy is creepily nice, though he does seem to think that I must have accidentally ordered them incorrectly in my own queue. He lets me have a "bonus disc" in addition to my 3-at-a-time, so I can view the series in proper order...

So... I've got all four blu-ray discs coming to me... but here's how they're coming:

Discs 2 and 3: Today.
Disc 4: Tomorrow.
Disc 1: (Shipping Monday, likely to arrive TUESDAY)

Today. Tomorrow. Sunday. Monday. Four viewing days completely wasted.

And the saddest thing is, I just don't feel like fighting it...


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