Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Imagine There Was No Tomorrow

Here's where it starts. Here's where it begins to end.

Got a call at work yesterday. A call I've been waiting for for almost two weeks. And I couldn't pick up because I was bogged down with a nightmare of a job that was dumped on me at the end of the day. This is how it often works at the office. I get quick little jobs throughout the bulk of the day and they just pile it on me toward the end of my shift.

Anyway, I can't be so reliant on this job. I've got to do some real work to get out.

Taking today and tomorrow off, to catch up on some work. And I've requested a bunch of days off over the next few weeks, to give me more time.

This is what I need to do. I can't wait for tomorrow to come to me. I've got to fight for the future that I want.


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