Monday, February 25, 2008

I'll sing it one last time for you...

Omitting Roy Scheider, I get. At the beginning of the Oscar Memoriam, it states that these deaths are only gonna represent the people who died up through the end of January. And, as you know, the hits have kept coming past January because 2008's a prolific year for Death...

So... honoring the arbitrary end-of-January marker, we get a shout-out to Pleshette... a big end-of-montage shout-out to Ledger... erm...

... but where the fuck was Brad Renfro?

One last indignity, then? They couldn't scotch-tape together 5 measly seconds from his filmography to insert into the montage?

A fucking travesty, friendo.

Not the biggest one of the night, perhaps, but pretty fucken big, ya feel meh?

Well done, Academy. I hope you're all well ruddy pleased with yourselves.

[Best win of the evening.]

By the by, Misanthropy Central Tip of the Week: if you've been dying to see New Jersey, then today would be a good day to fucking go.

Rick Shapiro, NSFW.


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