Thursday, February 28, 2008

Smoke Em If You've Got Em!

I don't tend to blog about this shit because of certain sneaky lurkers who shouldn't be perusing this blog... but I've gotta admit, though it's been a good while, there are some days* when I really do miss smoking.

I mean, what's the point of not smoking? The off-chance of living a little longer? Staving off the percentages? Keeping my friends' wives from nagging me about it?

I could get hit by a car. I could get devoured by lions. I could get devoured by some other form of cancer. If I were to die in a plane crash in two months, do you know what my biggest regret would be? Ever having quit smoking.

"So go ahead and smoke, if you're going to be such a BABY about it!" brayed the Gay Horse. "It's okay to admit that you're full of FAIL."

Thanks for the vote of no confidence, Gay Horse.

For those of you who DO smoke: light up...

We've got our first official Misanthropy Central baby announcement:

Nick "Nick-o" Gaffney
Emma "The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" Wunsch
are going to be goddamn, motherfucking parents!!!

In keeping with Misanthropy Central tradition, the godfather will be Gay Horse and the godmother will be Tranny Duck.

Malice will be playing the part of the troubled, absentee uncle. The odd times he will visit during the child's lifetime, Nick and Emma will learn to hide the vanilla extract.

They will learn this the hard way.

Thank "god" it's Thursday. I know I cheated and took half the week off, but it feels good anyway. Taking Monday off, too, so I've got a long weekend ahead of me. I'm going to be finishing a major revision of my television spec pilot. Because tomorrow's not ours to see...

Neither is Garfield:

(*Every day of the week.)


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