Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another Day's Not Really Guaranteed

Picturesque walk to work cutting through Central Park—beautiful spring mourning. Later today, it'll be raining but you wouldn't know it from looking at the skies at this hour.

I'm trying out 3-day desk-job work-weeks for the next several weeks, to allot more time for the writing. Some larger changes may occur this week but it's so hard to predict. And I won't try to predict them here.

One thing's certain: I NEED to get out of my day job. I don't quite have the financial strength to take the huge leap of faith that it took to quit it the first time, but I really need outs.

If an anvil were to fall on my skull in a month—dropping me dead—you know what I'd regret most? That I ever quit smoking. And that I didn't quit my day job sooner.

(Reu cqrc V uvue'c argn r yfc fo jfzne.)


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