Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dummy Data

Sometimes a sequence that I think will be dead-easy to write ends up being... a drag.

I'm sure there are deeper psychological reasons why I'm having trouble cranking out this revision of my pilot script. Procrastination-related. Fear of failure and that whole song and dance.

No easy answers or blames here. I ought to be singularly motivated right now. Yes, it's a pain balancing the hours I need to be at the deskjob with the hours I need to be writing. But even the deskjob isn't a valid enough scapegoat because I ought to be able to hack that.

The more honest response is that—whether I'm holding down a day job or whether I'm "writing full-time"—I go through these stretches where it's like I'm sleepwalking. Night blurs toward day. Hours are lost without reason. And I've got to fight to shake out of it.

These stagnant stretches usually get glossed over when I manage to be super-productive for compressed stretches. Rough way to work, though. And not very helpful in giving people time estimates.

But I always seem to find time to compose useless blog entries like this, don't I?! Boy howdy!


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