Thursday, March 13, 2008


Two things I think you'll all agree I'm pretty good at:

Soliciting sympathy...

... and pissing it all away!

As ever, the maddening thing about keeping a public record like this is the need to be oblique about certain things...

Suffice it to say, some things were on the verge of getting FedEx-ed to Hell in a handbasket yesterday... but the crisis has been averted. And it appears that an old debt is nearly paid off in full.

God is great.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the hooker who brought down Eliot Spitzer's political career. [I'd buy that for a dollar! Though maybe not $4,300.]

To be fair, it's not this girl's fault. Fucking the governor is one thing; imagine what else she had to fuck.

In a way, I'm glad that she's a hot girl and not some Monica Lewinsky type. Though, I guess Bill Clinton gets extra points for not having paid Lewinsky for her services.

But why would men with wealth and power need to pay for it at all...?

Discretion, I would assume. You get a giddy schoolgirl like Lewinsky and she gets all chatty with the wrong people. You make it a business transaction, there are no emotions involved. Of course, you've got to be worried that the business may eventually get gutted... and all those gutty-wutts are going to be exposed.


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