Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Flock of Wah-Wahs

"HEY, MA!! Fitty-cent hot dog place just tole me who ta vote fah!"

I love it when Gray's Papaya gets political! They always act like they're the official, elected voice-box of The People.

And, clearly, The People want two things:

1) Fucking cheap hot dogs.
2) Hope.

(In that order.)
x x x X X X x x x

Songsharking. Fly-by-night company posts some ads in the local paper, luring aspiring musicians to an open audition. Good or bad, the songshark tries to sign the musician, asking them to partially pay for studio/production costs.

Then... well... fly-by-night.

This really happens. You'll never go poor preying upon people's dreams.

Which bring us to a crazy film called "Great World of Sound". It's a scripted film, about a guy who inadvertently becomes a songshark, not realizing it's a scam.

But it's not completely scripted...

The movie production actually posted ads in local papers. And actual aspiring musicians showed up to actually audition. And the songshark actors gave them the business and actually tried to convince them to kick in money. Whole thing filmed with hidden cameras and integrated into the film.

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, a number of these people agreed to pay the money. I was wondering how many of those musicians refused to sign releases after they were told the premise. Then again, it's a hell of a consolation prize. They DON'T get scammed out of lot of money *and* they get to appear in a movie that a bunch of NetFlix motherfuckers will watch.

Honestly, aside from this conceit, the movie's a bit simple. Very indie. Some uneven performances. Some nice flourishes. But worth checking out if any of this sounds intriguing to you, yeh?


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