Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite

It figures that the week I debut a HAL-logo, Arthur C. Clarke gets a posse. (Honestly, I thought he died sometime last year!)

I just watched "2001: A Space Odyssey" off Universal HD this weekend. Clarke worked closely with Kubrick in adapting his own novel into the feature.

I remember watching the movie in college. Asking one of my screenwriting teachers how it followed the classic laws of structure that we were learning. He basically told me that Kubrick's one of those filmmakers that exist outside the rules, especially with something like "2001".


So... Minghella... Clarke... one more notable person ought to be getting a posse real soon. Someone behind-the-scenes, like those guys. Minghella's the Brad Renfro—younger man's death, someone who could have done a lot more. Clarke's the Suzanne Pleschette—older death, someone whose largest contributions were behind them. Who's gonna be the Heath Ledger? Zach Snyder?

Of course, as always, we all get bonus points if it turns out to be Steve Guttenberg...

I am so behind on writing.


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