Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ghost of the Future Productions

A bonus entry today, to make up for the absence of one yesterday...

Had to order up some business cards in preparation for the networking opportunities I'll have leading up to the Summer Play Festival. Debated whether or not it would look too doofy to put "Ghost of the Future Productions" on it, seeing as how it isn't a real legal entity or anything. Just this thing I stamp on all the creative work I shit out.

So, I took the time to consult the all-knowing Internets (sic) for some advice, and discovered that you can establish "common law" trademark rights just by putting the branding out there:

How to Register a Trademark

[I erred on the conservative and just put the url for the Ghost of the Future website on the card.]

Then I stumbled on this little article about starting a production company.

How to Start a Production Company

Of course, I'd need to find out what "Ghost of the Future Productions" would produce beyond my own work. I'm thinking penis-enlargers.


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