Tuesday, March 28, 2006

That Fake Prison Show

I watched about half of Prison Break last night before nodding off.

I hate to fault a show for absurd plotting and leaps of logic, coz the good lord knows that I have a heap of trouble with those things myself.

I suppose the thing that totally takes me out of the show is the language. Granted, it's network television and they can't be cussing. But it's a show that features inmates in a maximum security prison, for fuck sake.

At one point in last night's episode, this one tough guy says to this old man, "Shut your word-hole!"


I guess he was referring to his mouth. Because it's a hole and words come out of it. But is that supposed to come off as an offensive way to refer to a mouth? Seems more like a really awkward way to refer to a mouth.

I imagine the Prison Break writers in conference...

"Clamp your tongue-sleeve"...?

"Close your teeth-container"...?

"Seal your ingestion-orifice"...?

Man... it'd be a lot easier if we could just have him say "Shut the fuck up, old man"...

One of the nice things about THE SHIELD being on basic cable is their freedom to use the word "shit". They use it a lot, perhaps in slightly awkward phrasing ("Shut the shit up!"), but it gives it a more authentic feel.


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