Thursday, March 23, 2006

I Never Thought I'd Be A Junkie...

Wasn't gonna blog about this, but what the fuck...

I lost my fucking iPod at the gym two days ago. Sweet fucking thing, only a few months old, bought it for myself as a gift for my new home.

Accidentally left it in the locker room while I was changing. Went back two hours later when I realized it was gone: no sign of it. Left the information with the front desk.

Went back yesterday. Still nothing. Some asshole is out there rocking out to an iPod engraved with the words "Ghost of the Future" on the back. Contemplated doing a little detective work, but I think I've just been watching too much of The Shield...

In any case, I've managed to get myself so dependent on this little multimedia wonder, yesterday I decided to order myself a replacement with some of the overtime I racked up at work. Some clearer-thinking friends advised me to wait until the new iPod gets announced/launched, but I'd done some cursory online searches and had found no evidence of a new iPod build...

Until I got home and found this. And this.

Piss up a rope.

My order can no longer be cancelled. But after some initial self-flagellation, I'm at peace with it.

First off, a rumor's a rumor, and there are counter-rumors. And while history shows that Apple has no problems with cannibalizing its own market by releasing too many New iPods too close together, I've read that the earliest they could get the thing on sale to the public would be sometime in June. And March isn't even over yet. And I am dying without a fully functioning iPod. And as cool as this theoretical new iPod sounds, I'm sure I can steel myself and wait until the 7th Generation Audio/Video/Blowjob iPod gets released before I have to buy another one.

Apple's got some fucking racket going, brother. This is just one reason I steer clear of Macs. (Aside from the fact that they suck.)


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