Friday, March 17, 2006

You've Never Heard of the Butchers?

Happy St. Patricks Day, indeed...

I had a reading of a play what I wrote about two years ago, called "The Butcherhouse Chronicles". Two nights, it went okay as far as readings go, some mixed reactions.

Well, my friend Erwin Falcon pushed me submit it to this summer play festival... AND TODAY I FOUND OUT THAT IT GOT IN!!!

They only accept 16 plays a year. ("From a pool of over 1,000 applications...") It's a full production, 2nd week of July. 8 shows. Very legit company.

But best of all... it isn't an asian play festival!!!

Guess I'm finally an "emerging playwright"...

I know that people who subject themselves to this blog suffer some of my mercurial moods, but this is some good news for once. I really fucking needed a break like this.

It may just be an emerging playwrights festival, but it'll get seen and my work will get more exposure and I'll meet people and it won't be in the fucking Asian-American theater ghetto.

More info as it develops. Back to the writing.


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