Sunday, March 26, 2006

They're Out Ta Get Me!

I'll preface this dream by mentioning that I found (and destroyed) a big cockroach in the Fortress of Solitude 2 Friday night. Saturday was spent cleaning house and buying traps. Saturday night, I had this dream...

[Dream Interlude]

I was lying in my bed when I began to see little brown mice skittering about the floor. The thought occurred to me, Oh no, I've got to get mouse traps now. More and more mice darted about the floor and then suddenly they were not just mice but large black rats. And for some reason, they stopped running about the floor and climbed up into bed with me, and I was covered with rats as if they had all decided, Let's see how many of us can fit onto this bloke's mattress, eh?

I shooed them all off the bed and suddenly they underwent another evolution and became what looked like small panthers...

That is to say, panthers cross-bred with large black rodents...

One of them clamped down on my fist with its large teeth and would not let go. I took one of the dumbells lying on the floor and used the weight of it to essentially decapitate the nightmare creature.

Its body fell limp. I removed my hand from its wet maw. Thinking I may have to show the super some evidence of this infestation in the morning, I put the severed head into a brown paper bag and popped it into the freezer. (Made sense in the dream.)

Then, there is a time-slip in the dream, and suddenly two detectives are in my room, questioning me about a murder. I claim my innocence but then one of the dicks opens my freezer and retrieves a large paper bag. Inside the paper bag is a large HUMAN head!

"We've got your DNA all over his head and inside his mouth. Were you playing with him or something...?!" the man said, in a tone that suggested that he meant to add, "You sick fuck!" at the end.

And then I made a run for it. And I guess I woke up at a certain point.


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