Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kids Show, Kids Show

Hey, it's not easy writing a blog entry every day, even when half of them are crap.

Yesterday was weird. I was in a "graphics brainstorming" meeting all day. I only needed to come in for the meeting, so I was in from 9:45am till about 3:30pm. But I needed to meet with a director @ 5:30pm, so I had to kill time dicking around mid-town like some kind of asshole. I ended up buying a videogame because the only way I know how to kill time is by buying crap.

What's worse is that the director ended up being half an hour late because of his temp job. But the meeting went well. The guy didn't sway me from my first choice, but it was a good meeting and he seemed real decent-like. Three more directors to meet with this weekend, should have a decision by Sunday afternoon.

So, I was at work but I wasn't working -- just "brainstorming". And then I had my little power meeting. And then I took a contemplative walk home and watched another crappy new episode of Lost on DVR. Envious?

This mourning, as my alarm was going off, I was dreaming that I was in bed and I couldn't shut off my alarm clock.



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