Thursday, March 30, 2006

All I Have is My Love of Love (and love is not loving.)

Malice finds a voicemail on his cell as he's leaving work last night...

"Hi, Malice, it's xxxxx from SPF, I've got a list of directors that I think would be great for your play, if you'd like to give me a call at the office..."

Malice walks halfway home, finds a quiet spot in Central Park, calls the SPF offices around 6:30pm.

"Summer Play Festival, how may I help you?"

"Can I speak to xxxxx?"

"Sure, may I tell her who's calling?"

"It's Malice Highload! I'm returning her call!"

"Okay, hold, please."


"Hello, Malice..."

"Hi!!! I just wanted to return your call!"

"You know what?, I was just walking out the door and I want to talk to you for a while because I've got a few terrific directors that I think would be great for your play... So, do you think, maybe tomorrow morning..."

"EXCELLENT!!! I could call back sometime tomorrow morning...!"

"Orrr, I could call you back..."

"Sure, of course...!"

"It was nice talking with you again, albeit briefly..."


I'm an idiot and I'm gonna queer the deal. Every time I'm on the phone with them, I keep expecting them to say, "You know what?, forget we said anything..." I just hate taking personal/career calls while I'm at work coz there is no privacy.

Quite a spring day today, New Yorkers. Hell of a day to be in an office...


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