Friday, March 21, 2008

Like Toy Soldiers

Been a good Friday...

Around 1am last night, I was not harboring much charity in my heart. I was still in the middle of sorting through a year's worth of receipts, making slow progress of it. It occurred to me that if I'd given myself a week to do this, I could have gotten it done in more manageable parcels of time.

But I was tied up with revising the draft of a script this week. Past several weeks, really, but it was more pressing that I get it done this week.

To complicate things further, Thursday night the WGA-East threw a Strike-Is-Over party and I wanted to attend the back-patting festivities.

A few hours spent at the party. There was a raffle. They gave away like a dozen gift bags full of crap; Chris and I didn't win jack shit. But some people left their empty gift bags on a table, so we loaded them full of free sandwiches and beer because that's how we roll. Real classy guys.

On our way out the party, some folks saw us with the gift bags and congratulated us.

"Whadja win?"


But nothing is truly free, and I paid for it. 1am. 2am. 3am. About a quarter to 4am, I managed to gather my documents together in a little folder. All that work for such a small stack of paper.

Totally worth the work, though. Smooth meeting with the accountant.

Mid-day on Friday, counting my gold stars for the week:

+ Finished new draft of TV pilot
+ Stole free sammiches at WGA party
+ Completed taxes
+ Did laundry

Fucking KING me.

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