Saturday, February 25, 2006

one last sucker punch

anyone going to roger's birthday tonight who happens to be reading this blog -- congratulate Steve Huang on his marriage to Phuong Ho. they're married, on paper. they've been so for a while now. imagine the batshit offspring of THAT union...!

guess i've been picking on Steve a lot. it just slays me that people go to him for counsel. have conversations with him as if his advice were worth something. hell, i did it for a while. but just because he makes a laborious effort of articulating himself doesn't make him a deep thinker. he's just a shallow mumble-mouth, with nothing new or interesting or unique to offer the world.

Mike Yuan, I kinda feel sorrier for. his entire life is drinking and now he's gotta do that alone. sure, he can latch onto a group here or there, but who's really got the patience or the interest to hang out with this sorry fuck for an extended period of time? half the time i'd hang out with him, i only went because i felt sorry for him. and the pity lingers, but i'm done with him.

is it obvious enough that i dislike these assholes? have i made that clear in three entries? because i really need to get some work done this weekend...


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