Monday, February 20, 2006

Out of Touch

i always think it's funny when i get mass-blind-copied on an email from somebody i haven't heard from in forever letting me know their new email address/phone number. thanks, hon, i'll update my address book... i've kept the same email address for forever so i've never really done this, but if i did i imagine i wouldn't just BCC everyone in my address book. over half the people in my address book, i haven't interacted with in over 200 years.

in other malice news, i'm losing my mind with this special project at work. been working around the clock at home trying to get this shit done. wanted to hang out with people this weekend but i just couldn't spare the time.

also, i been noticing more and more white hair on my head. i am getting old. actually think it'll be cool to have a full mop of white hair one day. but what are the fucking odds i'll live that long...?

i was born to be a chalk outline.


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