Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One Last Thing on To'hajiilee


All right, Walt has spent the better part of this series going to great lengths to avoid harming Hank.

Because Hank is family.  And we don't send family to Belize.

Meanwhile, Hank has been considerably less conflicted about putting Walt down.  The closest to conflicted that Hank seemed to get was when he had Walt in his garage and muttered, "I don't even know who I'm talking to..."

Hank seems happy as a fried clam to be slapping the cuffs on Walt in To'hajiilee.  He's wanted to catch Heisenberg for a very long time and is not conflicted in the least that it's his brother-in-law, that this act is ripping apart his own family, that this is at the very least decimating the relationship between his wife and her sister.  No conflict for Hank.

No conflict for Jesse, either.

Hell, even Gomie doesn't seem the least bit squicked out when suddenly confronting Walt as a bad guy.

Think about that.  Think about if you were in a similar situation with your own brother-in-law.  Or sister-in-law.  Would the emotions be, at least, somewhat complicated?

ANYWAYS, I reiterate, eff Hank and Jesse — and fuckin' Gomie, too, that grinning pile of shit!


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