Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Breaking Bad To'hajiilee


I dislike Jesse working with Hank.  I dislike Hank and Marie.  Are we supposed to be rooting for them because I'm not.  I know that Walter White is supposed to be the bad guy now but I'm still not rooting against him, and there's just three episodes left.

Burn that money and you just burn Walter White's family.  You could argue that Skyler's gone to the dark side but Walt Junior remains an innocent.  Holly remains an innocent.

Hank would make the pig-headed argument that Walt himself has doomed his kin.

Jesse has completely abandoned logic.  This entire turn-around hangs on the Brock incident... but, as Walt points out, Brock is still very much alive. And Walt's saved Jesse's ass OVER and OVER and OVER again. And Jesse is suddenly some kind of angel? And I'm still calling bullshit on Jesse teaming up with Hank after what Hank's done to Jesse.

I thought Hank was gonna get shot in the head as soon as he started reading Walt the Miranda rights.

I thought we'd at least get an outcome of the gunfight. UNSATISFYING EPISODE ENDING!

Still rooting for Walt. Dislike any episode where he gets outsmarted. I'd rather see him lose more of his soul than see him get outsmarted by dummies like Jesse, Hank and fucking Gomie.

Bring on the final three but the show's lost some ground with me for two episodes in a row. I don't think they're going to repair these missteps but they can still take this to a better close.


Blogger Nick Gaffney said...

The difference is that Jesse has a conscience. He's no angel, but he knows the shit they've done together is wrong. Unlike Walt, he can't justify it.

The money has become meaningless to him. He knows what he/they did to get it. And he has no family that he wants to leave the money to after he's gone.

9/10/2013 06:08:00 AM  
Blogger M. Alice said...

So, Jesse has to punish Walt because he has no conscience? That's Walt's problem. That's Walt's soul.

Jesse could have been free and clear in Alaska. Why did he need to punish Walt? He knows how much Walt can fuck his shit up. Why would he partner with the cop who beat him so bad he had to be hospitalized? Jesse was a drug-dealer before Walt. He was at war with Hank (as Captain Cook) long before Walt joined him.

It's wrong. It's all wrong. Jesse could have and should have walked away. If he needed to be punished (because of his conscience), he could have done that without turning rat. Could have given some peace to the motorbike kid's parents by taking responsibility for Todd's kill, if he really wanted.

9/10/2013 01:03:00 PM  

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