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Katee Sackhoff's First Nude Scene in a Shitty Riddick Movie


They haven't explicitly advertised this but Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff has her first nude scene in RIDDICK.
"I got the role and then (director) David Twohy had said to me, 'You know the boob is not negotiable,' so I called my dad and asked permission. I was really nervous... I would hate to do something to embarrass him," Katee recalled.

The blonde beauty, who joined her co-stars at the Los Angeles premiere last Wednesday (August 28), continued: "I told him I got the role and he got really excited and then I said, 'There's a three-to-five second side boob push-in, nude...!' He asked, 'Is there a nipple?' and I was like, 'Probably...'"
Another interview with Sackhoff HERE.

I'm sure there will be better screencaps out there but this is the big non-negotiable boob shot from the movie (side nipple was only visible for a brief second or two, and not in this screencap):

It's from a completely gratuitous shower sequence.  The nipple shot itself is totally unnecessary for the narrative, as well.  (Riddick spies on her and actually has a line of dialogue later where he says that her pink toenails match the color of her nipples, but that itself is an awkward bit of business.)

Sackhoff's character is a tough-as-nails merc who is very vocal about being a lesbian.

Of course, that doesn't stop another merc from trying to RAPE her.

Yes, RIDDICK contains an attempted rape scene!

She fends off the attack and beats the guy up, because she's a kick-ass lesbian merc.  But we still have to see a gratuitous shower scene because even lesbian mercs have to pamper themselves.

Later on, when Riddick is chained up, he has one of those speeches where the anti-hero makes a bunch of bold promises that you just know are going to come true.  I'm paraphrasing here but he says, "I'm gonna kill that guy with his own weapon, that guy's gonna flip out like a bitch, and I'm gonna go balls-deep into Katee Sackhoff's lesbian merc character because she's going to ASK ME TO FUCK HER SWEETLY."

Now, there's no explicit sex scene but her character ends up saving him toward the end and as she's carrying him to safety she strikes a flirty posture with him and there is the suggestion that she's suddenly willing to fuck him.  For no reason.  There is no motivation sold for this lesbian to suddenly switch sexual orientation.  And yet, in shitty action movie logic, a lesbian just needs a sufficiently kick-ass anti-hero to turn her around.

This is a stupid fucking movie.

Third fucking Riddick movie they've managed to shit out.  This one rated R because they managed to force Starbuck to show a nipple.  And there was another gratuitous shot of some naked alien girls writhing on a bed.  I'm guessing the non-negotiable nudity was part of them securing foreign funding.

Listen, I'm no prude, but stupid's stupid.  I'd love to see Katee Sackhoff nude in a movie that actually calls for it organically, where it actually means something, but HERE it is just some cheap foreign funding ploy.  And the movie's fucking stupid.  And her whole character is offensive.


Blogger Uncle Mark & Lynn said...

I just watched this the other day an d you have hit the nail on the head with this review. Crappy movie, on many levels but I can't believe how she let herself be used so poorly in a film. I'll stick with Longmire...

12/11/2013 05:31:00 PM  

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