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What gets me a little about Jesse Pinkman right now is that he's succumbing to nothing more than inner demons.

Nothing new has happened. He says it himself to Hank: Walt is out of the meth business. Jesse's haunted by the death of that random motorbike kid (at the hands of Todd), and the knowledge that Walt probably killed Mike, and his newest realization that Walt poisoned a child (Brock) because... well, because of some circuitous logic that seemed to make more sense at the time, really.

Everything Jesse's pissed off about is in the past. We've seen him AFRAID of Walt. I can understand him getting newly pissed off at Walt because of the Brock thing... but enough to break bread with fucking Hank Schrader...?

Hank, who put him in a hospital.

Hank, who's done very little to sweet-talk Jesse toward the "good" side.

Hank, who doesn't mind sending Jesse out to possibly get killed just so he can use that to nail Walt.

Hank even points out to Jesse: Walt's saved Jesse's hide many times throughout this whole odyssey.

And Hank beat him so bad, he had to be hospitalized.

So, Jesse's partnering with fucking Hank now?! Because...??

Jesse could have walked away from all of this. There is nothing forcing him to bring Mr. White to justice except his own conscience. Which seems like weak motivation to me. (I think I'd understand/relate to his need for justice more if he somehow found out that Walt's responsible for Jane's death -- but I think it's too easy for Walt to take the nature of Jane's death to the grave with him. Not to mention that blackmailing bitch was asking for it...)

Jesse had a one-way ticket to Alaska. Brock was in no further danger. In fact, Walt was out of the empire business and so there'd be little reason to believe he'd be killing anyone else. JESSE CHOOSING TO STAY and threatening Walt is forcing Walt to don his Heisenberg pork pie hat. What does Jesse gain? Nothing. Some sense of vengeance? Suddenly, Jesse can't take any responsibility for everything that he's done alongside Walt? Suddenly it's ALL on Walt?

Jesse Pinkman had a big bag of fuck-it-all money, the knowledge that "Heisenberg" was retired, and a ticket to a new life. The show hasn't convinced me that he really needed to stay. And it really hasn't convinced me that he'd team up with Hank.

For the first time in the run of this show, I have concerns about the show paying off.


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