Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thrifty Scotchman's Model

I have trouble sleeping sometimes and I've found the most comforting channel to serve as my white noise is BOOMERANG. Classic cartoons just really afford me some peace. Though sometimes they're a little too interesting and keep me up.

Case in point, this laughably out-of-date cartoon "T.V. of Tomorrow" above, from the legendary Tex Avery. The format allows the cartoon to simply be a list of gags.

This cartoon was immediately followed by Tex Avery's "Car of Tomorrow" and I noticed a running gag in both of them...

"The Thrifty Scotchman's Model":

"The Super Thrifty Scotchman's Model":

Of course, if you look up the UNCENSORED version of "Car of Tomorrow", there are *other* ethnic stereotypes depicted:

"The Indians go for this classic convertible."

"This sport roadster is very popular in China."

The take-away? It's still okay to make fun of the improbably cheap Scottish on BOOMERANG in 2013. And women.


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