Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hank Schrader is a Bad Cop


That's right, I said it. Hank Schrader is not a very effective cop. So arrest me.


Vince Gilligan himself admits that he developed the character of Hank Schrader further as he got to know the actor Dean Norris and what he's capable of.

Hank Schrader started off as a frat-boy clown cop. The perfect buffoon to miss all the clues that his brother-in-law had turned into a drug kingpin overnight. But as his character developed and deepened, his weakness only became more pronounced.

Hank Schrader was a good-hearted cop who'd let his emotions get the better of him, almost always.

(I phrase this in the past-tense, of course, not knowing what fate befalls H.S. in the final reel. But I'm not terribly optimistic about his survival.)

Watch Hank beat the shit out of Jesse and almost lose his job over it. Watch Hank's numerous panic attacks. Watch Hank sucker-punch Heisenberg in his garage.

HONESTLY, World Audience... tell me you understand, if Hank had kept his cool he could have totally blind-sided Walt! He was able to keep his cool for a spell with Fring. If he'd held onto his suspicions a little more carefully, he could have gotten more evidence. He could have led Walt to believe they were still cool. Hell, he could have waited until his suspicions were absolutely confirmed. Instead, he goes ape-shit on Walt and lets him know everything. And he lets Skyler know that he doesn't have enough evidence to convict Walt.

And as such, Walt was gifted enough time and incentive to create his damning "CONFESSION" video that effectively neuters Hank.

An argument could be made that the shortage of time has made everyone in this show suddenly a LOT smarter -- has almost preternaturally heightened their powers of deduction. For now, until it fails to serve me, I'm giving it all a pass.

Five hours. Less than five actual hours. That's all the narrative we've remaining on this good ship lollipop. We'll see where it leads.


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