Thursday, December 15, 2011


I'm the last person who should be consulted in matters of marriage—or what's needed in a healthy relationship—but it occurs to me that uxoriousness is not the best trait.

I suppose that the right set of dysfunctions might complement each other to the point of creating some kind of blissful, long-term equilibrium. No doubt there are certain women who would enjoy or even prefer the uxorious man. That aside, I think that any relationship needs a proper balance of give-and-take. In most cases, I think that uxoriousness leads to resentment. Resentment leads to fear. Fear leads to the Dark Side...

I've got a lot of married friends at this point—but I don't know any guys I'd describe as legitimately uxorious. Sure, jokingly perhaps, when permissions need to be granted for staying out late or doing some activity, but I don't think of any of my (current) friends as uxorious. Nor should they be.

I think the uxorious man is more commonly found early on a (first) marriage. Or on the arm of some insane GOP candidate. It either fades or it becomes a mental condition.


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