Friday, December 09, 2011

Year of Champions

Bleak week of entries here on Misanthropy Central, I know, I know. Thirty-something crisis. Go tell it to the marines. Something therapeutic about creating morbid animated gifs out of beloved childhood icons. Be thankful I couldn't find an appropriate picture of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny—one of them would be in the bathtub committing suicide above.

December can be a trying month. Taking stock of everything I needed to accomplish in the year. Everything that didn't materialize. I was on the phone with my accountant and the IRS this week, setting up an installment plan for the taxes I owe. Apparently, "freelance" is a code-word for "unemployed".

2011 was supposed to be better. 2012 needs to be better immediately. I need to turn this around. I will turn this around. I will make this work.


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