Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend in the Hamptons

When you don't have any storage space, it's easy to look like a hoarder. That's not an excuse either because I could better utilize what space I possess. My failure at this results in obnoxious things like not being able to find the book of stamps I purchased months ago, on a night when I need one goddamn stamp, which means I'll need to actually stand in line at the post office tomorrow just to mail a fucking envelope to the IRS. Or I could just stay up a few more hours, pulling my hair out as I turn my room upside down.

I had a vision of my future that seems to drift further and further away each year. It is increasingly difficult to live on promises and potential. The past few months/weeks, it feels like I've been wandering the wilderness trying to come up with a new way to make this work. "This". This life. This lifestyle. This alignment of things I need in order to remain functional and sane.

There is a parallel universe where the past 5 years worked out differently for me. Where everything fell into place when it needed to. Where I'm writing an entirely different blog entry from the Hamptons right now. I would like to borrow some money from that universe.

This week, December murders forth. I'll waste money on more stamps because I guess keeping track of a book of stamps was too much responsibility for me.


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