Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Superiority Complex

Currently, I am in no state to feel superior to anyone. But honestly, some people are just born losers.

Okay, that sounds judgmental. And the definition and parameters of the term "loser" is going to be subjective. I'm not suggesting I'm the most socially adept person but I can get along with a wide range of people. I can carry on a conversation and, in even some of the most awkward situations, convey the illusion of making a connection. In many cases, I can perform an uncanny impression of being a human being.

So it can annoy me when some people utterly fail in social settings.

Failing is human. I've failed spectacularly in many social scenarios. But I'm always trying to learn from those mistakes. I'm always trying to be better.

But there are some people who are tragically charmless. They may have friends but their friends are mostly losers, too. And they will be doomed to live out the remainder of their lives in that narrow little world of loserdom where lonely people go to die. Because they suck and nobody enjoys talking to them. I only deign to talk to them and feign interest because I possess empathy and I am such a fucking nice guy.

All right, preemptive damage-control: if you're reading this and you KNOW me, THIS BLOG ENTRY IS NOT ABOUT YOU. I am most likely talking about people you don't even know.


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