Monday, May 24, 2004


a world of mondays.

just for the day, i'm posting my lame "Punch-Out!" themed logo.

first of all, it's only partially based on the well known "Mike Tyson's PunchOut!" on the NES. the "player" wire-model is based on the original arcade version. i know there would have been a more popular response to the inclusion of "Lil Mac", and it would have been easier to animate, but i decided to go more obscure.

secondly, clearly, i got lazy and skimped out on the animation as a whole. i thought i could get by with less frames, but it just looked sad, and i didn't feel like doing it over, so i just kept it. the "player" character is supposed to be beating up the "misanthropy central"/"bald bull" character, but the bald bull just looks like he's falling asleep.

anyway, i'll keep it up for the day and retire it... have a decent week...


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