Wednesday, May 19, 2004

life is unfair

i know i ought to thank my lucky stars for having a job, and a paycheck, and blah blah blah. and i'm thankful, in my own way. but i'm sick of it.

i am trying to be somewhat careful, blogging from work, because it'd be a lame way to get axed. so i will try to be as vague as possible when referring to my actual company. (but if i did get fired, maybe it was just meant to be.)

anyway, i started actually doing the job that my "promotion" entails this week. i resist the urge to suggest that it outright stinks. i figure i need to be doing it for a while to see if i can get a rhythm going. these 9-5 jobs are so dependent on familiarity. *boredom*. which is difficult to iron out with my new position because it entails being at different desks on different days, working with different people, often with little advance notice.

both blokes who were doing my job before me told me that they *loved* it, compared to what we used to do. but i have a suspicion that both those people *like* other people a lot more than i do. (that's why this isn't called "philanthropy central".)

i guess i'm more ornery today because i got so much done yesterday. sleeping in helped my mood a lot. i can only imagine how much i could accomplish if i could work on my *real* career every day. (or at least get more done on weekends.) so much time gets wasted trying to pay the bills. it's really disheartening. i know someone who quit his shitty day job to pursue the real career full time, and i remember him talking about what a difference it made. something to work toward. i'd be so much happier. i might have to lighten the background color of my blog...


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