Friday, May 21, 2004

Cold Front (UPDATED)

we got a new refrigerator today! well, we've had a really ghetto one that our building provided, but it was the *worst* fridge i've ever had: one door, with a tiny little "icebox" inside that was supposed to pass for a freezer, that was perpetually smothered in frost, that was barely big enough to house a pint of frozen yogurt or some valuable jewelry; dairy spoilages became a constant ordeal down in the tepid refrigerator. with this new fridge, we can enjoy something we've done without for the past 9 months:


our crazy elevator guy was still at home asleep when the delivery guys came, and the delivery guys didn't want to wait 5 minutes to use the freight elevator, so they hand carried the fucker up 3 flights to our crib.

"we're carryin this thing, so you gonna take care of us...?" the main guy says.

"sure," i says.

(as soon as they got the fridge into our apartment, i shot them both between the eyes.)

EDIT: By popular demand...



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